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Trainer Cleaner Alternatives: How To Get Your Trainers Clean For Cheap

22nd September 2017

Want to keep your trainers clean but don’t want to waste your money on overpriced trainer cleaner? Our definitive guide has you covered on everything from suede to canvas, mesh to leather.

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How To Get A Six-Pack

22nd September 2017

First things first. This ain’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t exactly rocket science either. If you just follow this advice and exercises by personal training experts Ultimate Performance, you could have a six-pack within 3 months. All you need to do is adhere to these 5 rules…

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Chris Hughes vs Topman: Premier League Predictions

21st September 2017

Chris Hughes can beat us at many things. He can do more push-ups, he can tan better and he’s got a significantly bigger…er…social media following. But does he know more about football?

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This Is Why You Should Dye Your Hair Right Now

Grooming Style
21st September 2017

Since Frank Ocean went all bright green buzzcut for the BLONDE album art we’ve been talking doing a trend article on dyeing your hair. Thing is, it’s not exactly Good Journalism to recommend doing something unless you’ve tried it out yourself, so we volunteered/persuaded/press-ganged our colleague Jack into trying it out for us at London Hairdressers…

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5 Golden Rules To Follow To Stay Lean All Year Round

20th September 2017

Getting in shape can be tough, but staying in shape can be tougher. However, there are some basic nutrition rules you can follow that are guaranteed to keep you lean, fit and healthy all year round. Fit these five nutrition rules (created by lean nutrition experts Ultimate Performance) into your daily routine and staying in…

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6 Of The Best Haircuts In Topman HQ

19th September 2017

You’ve already seen our tattoos and now you’ve got another chance to have a voyeuristic peek through the keyhole at Topman HQ. We’ve pulled together the team and sorted out the best barnets, culling all the dodgy fringes and widow’s peaks until we were left with the 6 top haircuts for you to peruse:

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